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Pre-order Special

Lacuna Kites is offering a unique pre-order special to South African kiteboarders.

"South African GDP shrank an annualized 51% in the period through June from the previous quarter, following a revised 1.8% contraction in the first three months, Statistics South Africa said.

Bloomberg article "

We at Lacuna are giving back by slashing prices with a pre-order special.  

This is a limited time offer on select sizes.

*Prices are for kite,bar and pump.

Alpha - Boosting

8m   - R
9m   - R
10m - R

Omega - Freeride

7m   - R
9m   - R
12m - R

Sigma - Wave

6m   - R
8m   - R
10m - R
12m - R

Kites expected to arrive mid December 2020

Please drop us an email with your order!
Alternatively send us a message via the WhatsApp chat button. 

For more detail on the kites and bar please see below.  



Beginner to Advanced

For the rider who wants a constant steady pull and no surprises. The no nonsense kite that is easy to get up and ride upwind or down the line wave riding. The Omega is the ultimate kite for riders who want pain free progression and a constant stable bar pressure that always lets you know where the kite is.
Omega Kite - Lacuna Kiteboarding



The Omega is a smooth and predictable all round free ride kite. Offering gentle pull in turns and loops - the Omega has excellent hang time for lofty and floaty jumps. With a 3 strut design and 4 bridles - this kite is easy turning with a great deal of depower  which provides a massive wind range.

With great sheet in and go and gentle bar pressure - the Omega is aimed at all round free riding, jumping/ big air, wave riding and foil boarding. A great kite for entry level to intermediate twin tip, wave riding and foil boarding. The curved leading edge makes it super easy to relaunch which provides comfort and confidence to any rider. The all round Omega allows the rider to progress rapidly and try out wave riding, big air and foil boarding. Making it an excellent kite for the rider to develop their skills and and choose the direction they want to progress in with their riding. The Omega is excellent in light wind and our choice for foil boarding. 

Omega Kite Wind Range - Lacuna Kites




Intermediate to Advanced


The Alpha is for the rider who wants to boost higher than all his mates and take a crack at their local WOO record. The Alpha gives you more airtime for those extra few seconds in the air to stall that board off or make super smooth rotations and throw a few mega loops in.

Alpha - Lacuna Kites



The Alpha is your new advanced free ride, boosting and hang time machine. The Alpha offers huge lift with sheet in and go. This is a fast high aspect kite that flies forward in the wind window - with a wide turning arc and great pull through kite loops. The Alpha offers a huge wind range with excellent performance in high wind conditions. The bar feedback is direct and predictable with good bar pressure. Aimed at advanced twin tip free riding and big air boosting - the Alpha is not recommended for entry level riders, directional wave riding or foil boarding.

With the massive hang time available on the Alpha, this is our ultimate selection for massive twin tip boosting and old school favourite tricks like board offs. The Alpha can be megalooped with confidence and with its highly efficient design and smooth kite profile - the Alpha makes for a great kite for both upwind and downwind riding.

Alpha Kite WInd Range - Lacuna Kites



Sigma Kite Sizes - Lacuna Kiteboarding



Beginner to Advanced


Designed for the focused wave rider who wants to drift the kite, while smashing lips  and chasing lines. The excellent relaunch lends itself to being used by beginner wave riders as well as the strapless queen or king.

Sigma Kite - Lacuna Kiteboarding


The Sigma is a super smooth advanced wave riding kite that offers fast turning, fantastic drift and low pull in turns. A 4 bridled 3 strut design for easy turning with a great deal of depower enables the perfect power delivery when wave riding as well as a great wind range. It pivots when turning with a small turning arc, maintaining good responsive turning speed when powered or depowered.

The Sigma is aimed at intermediate to advanced wave riders as well as having a free ride aspect. This is our pick for focused, specialised wave riders. It's a light 3 strut kite that drifts well making it an excellent foiling kite that provides constant feedback and great drifting ability. The Sigma is super quick to relaunch, making it a perfect choice for beginners who want to progress towards wave riding.

Lacuna Kiteboarding - Sigma Kite

Sigma Wind Range - Lacuna Kites



The above is a recommendation only, bar sizing is very personal and depends on the style of riding you prefer, your home spot conditions and your skill level as well as preference.
Depending on the riding style certain riders prefer a small bar, particularly for Freestyle and Strapless Wave Riding where the rider prefers to 'park' the kite. 
A smaller bar is less 'in your face' and easier to move around. 
Very advanced Big Air riders also prefer a small bar as it results in the kite turning slower, giving more direct feedback and slower, lower and more dramatic mega loops.
Smaller bars also reduce the chance of the kite being suddenly steered into the wrong position, as a small bar requires a more aggressive input to steer the kite.
For those that want to turn a kite fast, particularly for larger kites, larger bar lengths are recommended.

Technical specifications:

-Lines 20m supplied with 3m line extensions. There is already 0.8m pre-line at the bar + 20m + 3m.

-Safety release set on a single front line.

-Maximum Height of the High-V setting: 6.8m