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All Lacuna kiteboarding products (kites, bars, twin-tips and accessories) have a 1-year commercial warranty.

This warranty validity is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Provide proof and date of purchase from Lacuna or an official reseller.
  2. The warranty is for the purchaser only, it is non-transferable and not valid on second-hand equipment.
  3. The warranty is not applicable for rental, training or teaching equipment.
  4. The warranty is only valid if the product has been used correctly under normal conditions.
  5. Warranty support will be determined only after inspection and/or analysis of the photos clearly showing the product defect.
  6. If the product is covered under warranty, only repair or replacement is covered. Lacuna will not cover any related costs or economic loss with the cover of warranty.
  7. The warranty does not cover defects related to:
    1. improper use or improper installation.
    2. improper or neglected use of the products (e.g. corrosion due to unrinsed or poorly maintained material)
    3. excessive or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and wind.
    4. over-inflation or under-inflation of the kite.
    5. poor storage of the product (example, damp or high temperature).
    6. a repair or modification made to the product unless it has been done by Lacuna.
    7. crash or collision.
    8. a board or a kite damaged in the waves or shore-break. 
    9. a board ridden over a beach or rocks.
    10. a collision with another kite (example, if the lines break or the leading edge explodes during the collision).
    11. a jump or a violent contact on a wake park module (example: board damaged from a kicker etc.).
    12. the use of boots on the incorrect twintip.

The items covered on our products if they are proven defective are:


-branding and prints

-the bladders and valves

-structure and lamination

-original accessories.