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Designed for those who want to increase their time on the water by enabling you to ride in light wind conditions. The Stratus gets you out on the water when everyone is else is waiting for the conditions to kick in. Whether on a twin tip, directional or foil board.



The Stratus is a super efficient light wind kite. A 4 line bridled and 1 strut kite designed for previously unrideable light wind conditions. The lightweight construction ensures the kite stays in the air in the lightest wind conditions, ensuring that the rider doesn't have to worry about keeping the kite in the air.

The streamlined design allows riders to push the boundaries of light wind performance. A swept leading edge for super easy relaunch makes the Stratus the perfect kite for beginners in safe light wind conditions. With a healthy free ride aspect, the Stratus can be jumped for lofty boosts. The Stratus drifts well with light bar pressure that provides constant feedback that makes it possible to wave ride and foil board in the lightest conditions.

Stratus Wind Range - Lacuna Kites