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The Alpha is a Big Air Boosting and Looping Weapon. With riders recording over 33m on WOO, this kite is not for the faint-hearted. It is what we refer to as a ‘Swept C’ as the kite has a distinct C shape but with swept wingtips affording the rider greater sheet in and go along with C-Shape bar pressure, pull, and feel in the loops.

Charcoal and Orange

10sqm – R9890


For the rider who wants a constant steady pull and no surprises. The no nonsense kite that is easy to get up and ride upwind or down the line wave riding. The Omega is the ultimate kite for riders who want pain free progression and a constant stable bar pressure that always lets you know where the kite is.

Aqua Blue and Orange

5sqm – R5405

Blue and Black

5sqm – R7935


Designed for the wave rider who likes racing down the line as well as sharp top and bottom turns. The Sigma has great ‘down the line’ drifting abilities and very responsive turning. It is also a great school / beginner kite due to its big wind range and fast relaunch.

Aqua Blue and Orange

5sqm – R5175

6sqm – R5635

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